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PureRegen Gel Otol

oto11PureRegen Gel OTOL is a packing material providing controlled degradation and optimum viscosity designed for outer and middle ear surgery. It is completely organic thanks to the self-cross-linked hyaluronic acid structure and does not contain any substances harmful to the body or artificial chemicals.

Unique features of PureRegen Gel OTOL:

• Provides comfort for patients and improve postoperative quality of life
• It is biodegradable and absorbed; need not be removed
• Easy to use and conforms to the structure of the nasal cavity
• Prevents postoperative adhesion and scar formation
• Provides sufficient support to the membrane implant
• Facilitates tissue repair

PureRegen Gel OTOL has been proven to prevent adhesions:
• Covers the entire tissue and facilitates tissue repair.

• Tympanoplasty, Myringoplasty, Canalplasty
• Stapedectomy, Mastoidectomy, Ossicular Chain Reconstruction
• Graft support (e.g. post cochlear implant surgery)

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PureRegen® Jel OTOL is developed using a proprietary thiolated chemistry to crosslink the non-animal sourced HA molecules. The modification/crosslinking is well controlled so that the crosslinked HA gel has adequate degradation profile and viscosity to match the critical period of tissue repair processes and is able to prevent adhesion.

*BioRegen has  FDA approval for PureRegen Gel Sinus and PureRegen Gel OTO.

You may have access to the information of patents owned by BioRegen-BioMedical Company here.